How to Edit Event Video Highlights Quickly in Sony Vegas


This is a quick note to myself about the discovery of a new way to get things done.

There has been a number of “video highlights” editing assignments recently.

An assignment involves filming a live event and editing a short video highlights.

The duration for each event varied from 1 hour to a day to even a week.

The requested length for each video highlights ranged from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

The final edited video highlights will end up on the web for in-house or public viewing.

First things first. Ask the 2 important questions.

Before I film any event, I would ask the client about the video they want to produce.

1. Who will be the audience? (Will it be your staff? Will it be your management/investors? Will it be your customers?)

2. What is the goal of the video? (What is the message? Do you want your staff to learn something? Do you want to show your management/investors the successful activity you have organized? Are you promoting a new product?)

During editing, the 2 questions (with the answers) above will keep running in my head until the video is complete.

How to edit event video highlights quickly using Sony Vegas?

The following notes are not for the faint-hearted. If you are a beginner, master your video editing software first before applying the following technique.

  1. Start with a new blank Sony Vegas project.
  2. Drag and drop the raw footage into the timeline according to sequence.
  3. Save the Project file into the same folder as the raw footage.
  4. Adjust the brightness level and enhance the color of the raw video.
  5. Adjust audio levels and normalize every clip.
  6. Save project file again under a different file name.
  7. Begin the first round of edits to pick the best and delete the rest.
  8. Scan through the raw footage by sliding the cursor across the video.
  9. Look for images that matter and that tell the whole story.
  10. Split and keep visuals that convey the message of the video. (The 2 questions above)
  11. Use markers to segment the event and name each marker. (See picture above)
  12. Split and keep interesting clips for each segment. Each clip will be 1 to 10 seconds long.
  13. Pick sound bites for a more professional video highlights.
  14. Stop sliding and play at normal speed when listening for sound bites.
  15. Listen and find a sound bite that best introduce the event.
  16. Listen and find interesting sound bites during the event.
  17. Listen and find a sound bite that best closes the event.
  18. Insert and mute an audio track to place unwanted sounds.
  19. Get ready for the second round of edits with ruthless cuts.
  20. Use markers to mark the start of the video highlights in another section of the timeline.
  21. Insert a video track for overlaying silent clips on top of clips with sound.
  22. Insert an audio track for music. Drag and drop music into this track.
  23. Create a captivating opening to suck the audience in.
  24. Create a remarkable closing to leave the audience in awe.
  25. Edit the middle only after editing the opening and closing.
  26. From each segment of the event, choose 3 best clips that stand out.
  27. Lay the clips in a tight sequence and trim further.
  28. Adjust clips to synchronize with the music beats.
  29. Adjust music to fit the length of video clips.
  30. Lower the volume of music in speech overlays.
  31. Fine tune for final video.
  32. Play and replay video 5 or more times.
  33. Trim and adjust to get smoother flow and better impact.
  34. Render final video when satisfied.
  35. Playback rendered final video and check again.
  36. If the video is good, upload and distribute.

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a note to myself, hence the brevity.

I will refer to it when I have a similar task in the future, so as to be more efficient.


Source by Adrian Lee YC

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