How to Earn Revenue and Residual Income With a Digital Camera by Selling the Photographs


So many people are stepping into digital photography for the first time and enjoying every second, why not? It is a fantastic hobby or even past-time. But did you know that there are also people looking to go one step further with their photographic activities and make money from their digitally produced pictures? Well if you are one of these people then you are in luck, it is far easier than most people realise to make cash just by selling the pictures that you have taken and continue to take on a day to day basis…

In some cases you may think that no-one would pay for photographs taken by an amateur photographer, but I think you would be pleasantly surprised to know that there are more than just a few potential buyers based online. You may even think that your pictures are of no real value at all, but the majority of buyers are actually looking for the everyday pictures more than exceptional images.

Why would they want your pictures? It really is quite simple when you stop and think about it, the cost of hiring a professional photographer for even the most basic of pictures can run into hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. The price for most photographs fetch that are not professional is between one and ten dollars and in some cases a little more.

While this may not sound like an awful lot when you think you could be submitting any amount of pictures a week to be sold the value can soon add up.

The websites that pay for pictures are called a Stock Photo website, these are great as you can submit a photograph to them once and get paid multiple times for distribution of that same image, and this will be providing a residual income.

It really is quite simple, your pictures are submitted to the Stock Photo website and the website is visited by a multitude of other website owners looking for a specific picture or image, they then pay the Stock Photo website for the picture and you get your commission, it really is as simple as that.

Making money from a photography hobby has never been so simple and very few people were even aware it was possible, until now.


Source by Clive Anderson

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