How to Create a YouTube Channel


If you want to let others peek into your life to know what’s going on and also know about your interests, achievements and activities, there is nothing better than having a YouTube channel. When you create your own channel on YouTube, it acts as an exposure for you. Your friends, family along with several others can see what you are up to on YouTube by watching all your videos. Creating your YouTube channel is not a difficult task, but for the people who are not much tech savvy, a remote PC support provider might prove to be helpful.

The first step towards having your YouTube channel is to open the YouTube website on any browser. You must go to YouTube for opening your own channel. When the YouTube webpage opens, the user is required to click on the link labeled “Sign Up” that is found on the top right side corner of the YouTube website. Once this is done, the users will be provided a form that they have to fill up for having their own account on YouTube.

There will be a short form available on the sign up page that will enable the users to create a YouTube account. For this, the users are required to enter a real email address; this is necessary as YouTube sends a confirmation link to the users who signs up through email at the address that has been provided by the users. The users must click on the confirmation link for activating their YouTube account. With remote computer help you can easily accomplish the task.

Now the user must return to the YouTube home page and then look for the “Sign In” link that needs to be clicked. Now the user will get a sign in form, where he/she is supposed to type the user name along with the password that he/she had selected at the time of creating the account on YouTube. Now the user has to click on the “Upload” button for adding any video to the account. The video may be featuring you, your friends and family, or any event that you enjoy watching and want others to watch too.

If you want YouTube to take you to the channel you created, you have to click on your user name at the top of the screen. The users do not have to sign up for creating a channel; once the users create an account on YouTube, the channel is automatically created for them. When you are on your YouTube channel, make sure that you copy the URL and keep it with you, so that you can give it to your friends and family members so that they can watch all your videos.

If you are not confident on creating the YouTube channel yourself, you can consult an online technical support provider for assistance.


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