How to Build an Electric Car in 4 Easy Steps


Your parents finally decided to give you their car as a hand-me-down present and at long last you can fulfill your dreams of having your very own car and converting the beloved yet old ‘junk’ to a brand new electric car. So since the main thing is now yours you can check the box beside the ‘donor car’ in your conversion car project, your hard-earned money from taking summer job can be checked as well and free labors from friends can be checked too. And because all the major resources are now available the next question you need to answer is “what to do next?”

Step 1

Search for information. Use the power of the internet to find facts about electric cars that you and your friends need to build your electric car. Your search can simply start with search engines like Google. You can entire keywords like “guides in building electric cars”, “DIY electric cars” or “electric cars software”. In just an instant you’ll get the drift of all the websites that you need to look for a better understanding for your project.

Step 2

Check first for the free downloadable software about electric cars. Make sure to find a site that is secure before downloading so as to avoid viruses and hackers. Electric cars software is good source of guidelines in electric car makings because the directions in there are precise and detailed. Normally there are also illustrations and even videos to clearly illustrate to builders what they need to do.

If you don’t want to download unknown software in your computer than you can look for a website that explains electric cars and the groupings under it like why is it advantageous to you, what are the best car models to convert, what kind of device should be use for a better working condition and so on and so forth. Since electric cars are so popular right now with all the environmental positive issues boosting it then it will be easy for you to find a site that can help you with your conversion project.

Step 3

Focus on sites that translated Do-It-Yourself projects because the directions you’ll get here are very realistic. Meaning you won’t have a problem executing the tasks to build your own electric car. Because sometimes downloadable software and/or other sites’ directions are quite complicated that people have a hard time following. You can also look for electric car conversion tips and how-to’s in the popular site Just key-in the correct keywords and you’ll be directed to the world of electric vehicles and the simple doable methods that you and your friends can copy. What’s great about this is the fact that you can always play again the video until you accomplished the undertakings correctly.

Step 4

Visit forums that talk over electric cars. You’ll greatly find valuable tips and cautionary instructions that will be beneficial in your conversion project. If you want to clarify something or your friends inquires about some methods then don’t hesitate to ask. Posters and electric lovers like you would surely love to address your concerns.

All in all, in converting regular to electric car you’ll need to have a sound plan, a good research and a lot of fun.


Source by Ken Stevens

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