How the Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Camera Caught the Cheating Wife


A simple device like an alarm clock hidden spy camera can either make or break a marriage as one man discovered. For nearly a year Kevin had been feeling like his wife no longer found him attractive. She stayed up late at night, coming to bed only after he had fallen asleep. Their intimacy had diminished to the point where it was non-existent.

She was starting to feel more like a roommate than a wife, and when Kevin tried to talk to her about it she became angry and defensive demanding that he change the subject. He didn’t want to think that the woman he loved was having an affair but all of the signs seemed to be pointing in that direction. Kevin wanted to ask his wife to go to marriage counselling but first he had to know if it was worth it.

Kevin purchased a new alarm clock for the bedroom, but it was no ordinary alarm clock. Hidden spy camera devices like this not only look like the real thing – they are the real thing! It was a fully functional alarm clock that concealed a tiny color camera with a mini DVR that saved everything it recorded onto an SD card for easy viewing on any PC.

Kevin didn’t see anything out of the ordinary at first and was ready to call a marriage counsellor. One day there it was! The footage clearly showed his dear wife getting it on with a man who went to their gym. When he confronted her about the affair, she denied it at first, but confessed when he showed her the footage from the alarm clock spy camera. The couple divorced amicably and Kevin had the chance to start fresh.

Infidelity with a cheating wife or husband is a big issue today. Private investigators are overloaded with work in this area. A hidden spy camera or spy camera can allow you to get the evidence yourself.

When are you getting one?


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