How Important is YouTube to Your Fortune High Tech Marketing Business?


If someone had told me five years ago that I’d be making thousands of dollars per month with my online businesses through YouTube I would’ve laughed in their face! Well, it happened and now I know why. If a picture says 1,000 words then what does a 3 minute video say? A Billion? is the company that tracks a website’s popularity on the Internet. In November 2009 alone, nearly 74 million users looked at over 1.1 Billion videos! As of November 15th, 2009 a recent YouTube press release stated the 20 hours of videos are being uploaded every second. According to, YouTube is ranked the 4th most popular site on the internet Globally coming in behind only Facebook, Yahoo and the eight hundred pound guerrilla in the room, Google.

Now this is what really blows me away. Alexa estimates that there are 360,985,492 GLOBAL internet users. They tell us that 20.5% of GLOBAL internet users visited YouTube over a 3-month period. 23.7% from the USA alone. What does this mean?

Lets do the math.

360,985,492 Global Internet Users.

20.5% Of Them Visit YouTube.

360,985,492 users x 20.5% visits = 74,002,026 people!

Anywhere you have over 74 million people doing anything, that’s a marketplace.

That’s seventy four million reasons to learn how to dominate this little thing called YouTube. And I am going to teach you how the big boys play on YouTube and generate thousands of dollars each and every month through video marketing. Again the reason why? From the numbers, that we see people do video research online for entertainment, planning trips, before making purchases or just about anything else you can think of.

If you’re not using video marketing tools, you are leaving thousands of dollars per month on the table. And again, YouTube marketing works ONLY if you are using this concept we keep talking about and teaching our Network Marketing friends. You guessed, attraction marketing!

By combining attraction marketing with video marketing we are combining the two most powerful tools in marketing. People want to do business with people they know and trust. Either of these two things missing and you fail. Video allows people to see who we are. Hear how we talk. Feel a connection with somebody that can really help them solve a problem or challenge. Other medias with the exception of TV do not do all of these things.

So, why not advertise on TV? Just call your local cable station. $650 to have them shoot a video. Then $25 or more per time they show the video. Now consider, how many channels are there on your cable box? One Hundred, two hundred, Five hundred or more channels if you have satellite TV. How much would it cost to run one TV spot on each channel per day?

Why do we like YouTube? If you didn’t know, YouTube is Free. Now that’s the type of marketing I like to do, Free. Doesn’t cost a nickel. Doesn’t cost a dime. I’ll say it again because it’s my favorite form of advertising, Free.


Source by Micheal Grady

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