How a Motion Infographics Video Helps in Developing Brand Relationships


Motion Infographic Videos refers to the graphical representation of information in a video format. They are a perfect blend of visual as well as auditory appeal, which makes them an ideal tool for advertisement or for the dissemination of any information to an audience. The graphics may be in 2D or 3D format and generally contains elements like stop-motion animation, digital video, film footage, pictures or different visual forms necessary to tell the story.

Not only do motion infographic videos have a longer lasting impact but also quicker dissemination of the intended information can be done in a more effective manner. A 3 minutes animated video can convey more information than an entire brochure as they are easily comprehensible. Many companies use these videos in their YouTube channels and other media sharing websites to reach out to their customers more effectively.

Here are some ways in which these infographic videos help in developing brand relationships.

Much better publicity

With the advent of video sharing websites, videos have become the most favoured means of publicizing products/brands. Videos being the most shared material online have the potential of becoming a powerful SEO tool. Frequent liking and sharing of these short films are a norm and are bound to make one’s product popular within days. Moreover, any complicated data can be broken down into easily comprehensible formats.

Proximity with the audience

The audience watches films which they feel close to and can relate to the experience being shown in the story. A short infographic video that strikes a chord with the audience is bound to trigger an emotional response and hence, a sense of attachment. A content rich video is easily comprehensible by the majority of the population. People associate more with companies providing their introduction in such a brief and apt manner. For instance, businesses spend hours filtering information about what they actually do, what they can deliver, and their market target. Distilling all that abstract information down to a couple of sentences helps create a ‘unique selling proposition’.

Variety of platforms

Ensuring prolonged exposure to the products is the key to increasing a company’s consumer base. Since these videos can be played on a variety of media platforms, they can reach a larger audience base for the promotion of the product. They can be published on TV or the company’s website, or other media sharing sites such as Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion to convey the message to more people. Businesses can also use these videos in trade shows, share them through DVDs and pen drives or utilize them for any marketing and sales strategies.

Builds trust

Using storyboard development and possible voice-over sound allows a company to convey its message in a more clear and interesting manner. User-friendly infographic videos develop a sense of entitlement in the viewers towards the company. The viewer gets to know the business and feels the urge to know as much as possible. Instilling this feeling builds a sense of trust and confidence in the customer about the company. The viewer is more likely to use the services provided by the company and recommend it to others once this sense of trust is instilled in him.

One cannot dispute the impact of motion graphics in visual representation. Infographic videos are becoming the most effective promotion techniques in the digital marketplace. A need to engage the audience at a deeper level has resulted in the adoption of various innovative techniques for conveying the information. Most businesses have opted for hiring professional services to make effective infographic videos. In addition to these customized films being more engaging than regular live shoots, the low-cost aspect is helping firms realize the potential of this medium as a must-use tool for their marketing and sales and for sharing any other information.


Source by Sanya Monga

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