Hire The Right Lighting Equipment To Enhance Production Value


Lighting equipment hire is an essential part of any production, considering the expenses involved in the purchase of the required accessories. Lighting and grip equipment rental services provide excellent combo packages, including all types of lighting kits and grip gears, which is essential to enhance the value of videos shot for:

* Commercials

* Documentaries

* Independent films

* Industrial videos

* Corporate events

Lighting kits are also hired for still photo shoots. With fast advancement in the film-making technology, production is not exclusive to bigger projects. Small-scale projects are launched with the help of rental companies that provide assistance and equipment required for a quality video creation, at a reasonable budget.

Necessity of Lighting Equipment Hire

It is not always possible to shoot a good video with the natural light available. To deal with the times where good lighting is required for effective production, producers make use of supplementary lights through lighting equipment hire.

Every production venture has its own specific requirement of lighting equipment and accessories to enhance the quality and value of the video recorded. It is practically impossible for producers to purchase every accessory needed for a project. The best option is utilizing lighting equipment hire from rental services that stock up a complete range of accessories from the top manufacturers. Most of the new-generation lighting kits consume less energy, do not emit heat, and have excellent daylight balancing quality.

Types of Lighting Kits and Grip Gears

Basic Grip Equipment And Lighting Kits Include The Following Accessories:

* HMI magnetic lights

* Tungsten lights

* Florescent lights

* Overheads and bounces

* Dimmers

* Cables and blocks

* Grip gears consisting of stands, clamps, and other hardware

* Unit equipment like pop-up tents, umbrellas, traffic cones, chairs, and radios

Often, rental companies have combo offers, which include the standard vans, mini-sized trucks, and generators, fulfilling every need of production.

Equipment for Higher Budget Production

Lighting equipment hire does not meet all the requirements of bigger budget productions. Outdoor shooting requires heavy and expensive equipment, like:

* Aerial camera systems

* Camera trolleys

* Camera cranes

* Remote heads for mounting cameras

* High-resolution cameras

* Cable cameras

* Bigger generators and vehicles

A reliable and efficient rental service should be able to meet all the above needs of a production with competence.

As not all videos are shot outdoors, it is helpful if the rental company can combine the studio hire with grip and lighting packages for indoor shootings.

With the help of highly skilled and creative gaffers, who provide assistance all through the working of a project, creating a wonderful production becomes a memorable experience for the creative community.

Lighting equipment hire from a competent, experienced, and reliable rental service eases the burden and lowers the costs involved in production to a great extent. Most rental companies have websites with detailed information about the services and equipment available, including the cost. The order can be placed online, after finding a suitable package required for the purpose of production.


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