High Definition DVD Players in Greece


High definition DVD players are available throughout Greece. One can find the leading brands being sold in Greece. Samsung, Philips, Sony, Aiwa, you name it and you can find the brand having a significant presence in the Greek market. The Greeks have been traditionally known to love entertainment, from time immemorial. If it were not for the ancient Greeks, we would not have known things like the Olympics. The ancient Greek passion for works of art and entertainment has carried on to the present generation and the Greek continue to love their movies and art. The Greek movie industry is decades old with movies being a popular form of entertainment in Greece since the early 1900s.

With an embedded movie culture, it is not surprising that the Greece love to watch movies on DVDs. Most of the latest DVD releases are available in Greece. There is also a large collection of Greek DVDs available.

As in the case with other European markets, the Greek market is flooded with Chinese high definition DVD players. These players have caught the imagination of people, who are looking for relatively cheap options, when it comes to home theater systems. The important thing to be mentioned is that the quality of the high definition DVD players is pretty good.

Leading retailers in Greek stock up latest models of high definition DVD players from leading brands like Philips, Sony, Samsung, Thompson, Aiwa, to mention only a few. As statistics show, these major brands sell most of the high definition DVD players. The reasons are easy to understand, for cheaper brands do not offer the kind of guarantee or after sales service support, which these bigger brands offer. It is to be noted that even the smaller players, the ones which are popularly termed ‘no-name’ DVD players, also perform well and are considered value for money proposition in Greece. With the increasing penetration of the Internet, many Greeks prefer to purchase their high definition DVD players from leading online merchants also. This also allows them to find out the latest from other parts of the world too, apart from exposing them to increased choice.

The standard electrical standard is 230 volts. Clearly, most of the high definition DVD players available in the Greek market follow this specification. It is always better that you check your DVD players specification, if you want to play it in Greece, after having bought it from somewhere else.

A walk down the streets of Athens would reveal that there are several stores which stack up the latest high definition DVD players in Greece. There are supermarkets, hypermarkets, and departmental stores which deal with DVD players. The variety available is huge. One can get a DVD player in a wide price range. You can for instance get a standard high definition DVD player for around 100 Euros or look out for the really higher end models which would cost you upwards of 300 Euros. DVDs that record are increasingly the popular option of consumers in Greece.

There are virtually hundreds of shops selling Greek DVDs in Athens. From old classics to the latest flicks, one can find them all over the city. You can even get the latest Hollywood flicks in Greece quite easily. The release date is usually along with the rest of Europe or sometimes simultaneous with the worldwide release of the DVD titles. Greece follows the PAL format, just like most other European countries. One can also find NTSC standard discs being sold widely in Greece. One can also come across DVD audios carrying traditional Greek music. Tourists to Greece almost always purchase some DVD or the other related to the history of this ancient country. If you are one, check out for the format. Though with region free DVD players in vogue, you need not worry about the aspect of video signal formats, for they can play any DVD.

Although the high definition DVD market is on the rise in Greece, on the flip side is the rampant video piracy in the country. Figures show that around 50% of discs are pirated. The time period during the 2004 Athens Olympics saw the police adopt tough measures to end the menace. The problem is attributed to the lax laws of the Greek government regarding copyright offences. Around 90% of music discs are burned using CD-Rs. The piracy rate is well above that of the average rate prevailing in Europe. Pirated games which could be played on high definition DVD players have flooded the market. Most of them are imported from Asia. CD-R burning is also on the rise. This is also one of the main problems confronting the Motion Picture Association of Greece. Illegal duplication of DVDs in large numbers has affected the industry as a whole.

The Greeks are usually passionate about their movies and this explains the increase in the home theater systems sales. Home theater systems made their debut in Greece, along with other European countries. Since then, they are perhaps the most popular source of entertainment. People love to watch the latest flicks on their slick high definition DVD players. Gaming consoles and play stations are also very popular, especially among the younger lot in Greece.

The Greek tradition in Cinema dates back a long time. Greeks started making movies almost simultaneously along with Hollywood. The First World War saw a lull in filmmaking in Greece, which gradually picked up, later on. The onslaught of Hollywood blockbusters and ironically the introduction of high definition DVD players and the easy availability of latest DVD titles, have now contributed to the declining rate of film production in Greece. Greek production houses like Finos Films, in fact no longer exist.


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