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What is a Guest post?

While we work to bring you the best and most updated information on the internet for creating and managing your own business ventures, on occasion a brand or company will reach out to us with information on a product or service that we think will benefit our readers. Sometimes the information is shared and I will write up the article myself. But other times the person wants to share this information themselves.

This is called a Guest Post.

Guide for Guest posting on Digital Life
I have written this as basic terms and conditions for a guest post because there is a lot of debate as to the pros and con on either side of these options, I will try to lay this out as simply as possible.

This is where an author will contact you to share their content on your blog. Following the basic terms below are a good way to protect yourself and work together with another person to share new info from a different perspective, bring in fresh ideas and content to your site along with backlinks which will help out your S.E.O.

This can be a great thing for both parties, but remember that it’s your blog, your niche, and your readers. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established base, you will want to be careful to never risk the trust of your readers. Your readers are the lifeblood of your time and effort on your blog and, if you are blogging correctly, you will build a rapport with them, that very special Know-Love & Trust between the blogger and the reader. It is fragile The information you give should be based on building this relationship.

They what to know you are a person of your word. That the knowledge you bring them is based on the truth. So do NOT ever break your promise to them or they will find someone, somewhere else to get their questions answered. This is the one thing that separates your blog from a scam site. The truth does not need to be sold. It will sell itself. It is the best business practice and cannot be replaced. Keep this in mind when deciding on a guest post, whether their content is worthy of your readers.

Guest Post Example Terms & Conditions:

We (DLC) will need to see an example, pitch or a simple rough summary of the content of the post for review, prior to any agreement   We retain final copy editing control (as needed for our policy). We are not responsible for any website maintenance, web hosting or connective issues they may prevent your post or page from being seen. All text and any HTML should be submitted for review in Google Docs or the word/text editor of your convenience. It must be free of spyware or any & all malicious coding and no adult-site themed advertisements. All links will be set as Do follow.

Some “Promotional” Guest posts are considered as “ sponsored ” and will be added in the sponsored category. This does not necessarily mean that the brand or companies views reflect or contradict ours and vice versa. Nor does it include endorsements by either party unless agreed in advance. We have recently added the sponsored category to the home page menu. Posts will be placed in a menu drop down in the order they arrive, up to four places.   Please remember that any guest post(s) should be close to the theme and niche of Digital Life Concepts which in general is: Film, Photo, Video, Social Media Marketing, and Small business venture information and advice. Please include a small bio of the author so our readers will know it’s a guest post and any CTA planned in the post. We welcome you to share your content and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me to discuss them, I’m sure we will find a compromise that will be to everyone’s liking.

“Copyright Free: Guest Post Example Terms & Conditions

Please feel free to copy and paste the terms and modify them as needed for your Biz. enjoy!

Most of the time you will get a pre-formatted post or article sample sent by the author, you get a read through and then once you have agreed to a fee for putting their work on your blog, it gets posted. Yes, It looks like a lot of redundant legalese, but it’s a good idea to figure out what limits you would like if your accepting money for any service you provide.

What to Charge?

I have a base price of $50 USD for a default post layout, but I am willing to work with new bloggers and people to help them out. This price is in the medium-low range based on the fact that I want to help beginners without selling myself short to the pros. The more you build your blog and the more valuable information, web traffic and so on could justify a higher fee. You will have to work that one out for yourself. Just remember that IMHO asking 500$ for someone else to post on your brand new blog will scare away most everyone. Be honest and fair and the clients will come to you.

I hope this has been helpful and, as always, please post any questions in the comment and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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