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There are several factors when done correctly will increase your search engine rankings for your major keywords within your desired geographic area.

Before going any further, it is important to realize that if you are serious about increasing your revenue with stronger search engine rankings, you simply need to follow the steps laid out over the next few weeks. Here are the lessons we will cover over the next month:

  • Setting up the proper keywords
  • Optimizing your website for strong search engine rankings
  • How to rank strong in the exact geographic area you want to target
  • How to use social media to drive your rankings through the roof

It all starts with proper keywords for each page of your website. Keep in mind, we are primarily talking about your website pages that are relevant to your services. It is also very important to note that you should have a website page for each of the niches that you service.

If you have a website with nothing more than a photo gallery, you are probably not ranking well unless your website was established many years ago. Even if you have one service page for many niches, this simply is not going to give you the authority you could have when done correctly.

We will review photographers who have one niche and how to handle that page in a moment. First, l want to touch on those who handle more than one niche.

The following example can be used for any number of niches within the photography industry. Let’s say you service the following:

  • Family Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Events

I realize that some photographers will photograph pretty much anything, but it is important that your website focuses on your top 3-6 niches.

Each of the above should have a separate web page. While it’s fine to have a photo gallery, we highly advise that you have your photo galleries on each of your niche pages. Show your family portrait pictures on that page, weddings on that page, and events on that page.

Your prospects will stay on your pages longer, and you will have a lot more authority from Google and the other search engines.

Now it’s time to perform your keyword research. If you don’t have access to the Google Keyword Planner that is within Google Ads, it is to your advantage to establish your account.

Simply go to and click start now. You don’t have to spend money on Google ads to simply start your account.

Once your account is established go to tools and keyword planner.

Now click on discover new keywords and type in your main keyword. In this case, we will put in “family portrait”.

Before going further, your keywords will be placed into each page of your website if they are not already there. You will also use these keywords within any type of marketing or posting you perform.

Keep in mind, whenever possible, you want to add photography to your keyword if it is not already there. There is a big difference between wedding and wedding photography, or events and event photography.

Looking at the keyword planner I would choose the following. Keep in mind that you want a minimum 8 and up to 15 or so keywords for each web page or niche.

Please note, I will be covering how to target your local geographic area in greater detail with our Facebook Live event that happens on Thursdays. We will be recording the event.

For now, if you are not on page 1 for your major keywords (as discussed above) in your main geographic area, you need to determine what that geographic area or areas you want to target. Don’t try to bite off too much with your geographic area. I will take a specific geographic area to give you an example. Feel free to open Google maps and check out what I am talking about.

If you look at the suburbs of New York, we have a fairly large city called Yonkers, NY with a population of 202,000. Let’s say you want to target Westchester County which is the county in which Yonkers sits. If you are not on page 1 for Yonkers, you need to target that area first. In fact, if you are going after Westchester County, you should use Yonkers, and another like Scarsdale, or White Plains before trying to get the entire county.

I will show you how to use the geographic in a moment, first let’s choose the keywords for your family portrait page:

  • Family Portraits
  • Family Photography
  • Family Portrait Photography
  • Family photography near me
  • Family photos
  • Professional family photography
  • Family Photography Studio near me (If you have one)
  • Family Pictures

Now you place your geographic areas. We will use three of them.

  • Yonkers NY
  • White Plains NY
  • Westchester County NY

Many times you as the photographer might think of other keywords that people are using to find your services.

In your coding you will find where to place your keywords. There are so many templates that it would be impossible for me to show you them all.

Below is an example of the format for your keywords. Most templates allow you to place your keywords into the coding. You will see that we add your major geographic to the main keyword and your top three or four main geographic areas at the end.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”family portraits, family portraits yonkers ny, family photography, family portrait photography, family photography near me, family photos, professional family photography, family photography near me, family pictures, yonkers ny, scarsdale ny, white plains ny, Westchester county ny, “/>

We will go into descriptions, titles, and alt tags that will make all the difference in the world in our optimization lesson. For now, you should have a much better understanding of how to set up your web pages and the keywords within each page.

The training we offer to photographers is priceless. We offer tools, training, and resources that will allow very consistent and strong growth to your business.


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