Generate Free Targeted Leads Using YouTube


YouTube is a video sharing site that allows you to upload, view, rate and comment on videos. YouTube is a free service and anyone can sign up and use it.

YouTube came on the scene in early 2006 and it is now the biggest and fastest growing advertising media. Shortly after it’s launched in 2006 YouTube had already far exceeded the growth of major website including Craiglist, MySpace, eBay and Blogger.

What does this mean to you as a network marketer? YouTube will continue to grow in the future and now is the time to take action if you want to take advantage of this medium.

YouTube is like SEO back in mid 90’s when search engine optimization was very new and it was very easy to enter a few keywords in the Meta tag to get high ranking. Right now it is also very easy to get high ranking for your video on YouTube, all you have to do is enter keywords in the description and in the tag that are relevant to the content of your video and you should have a high ranking on YouTube.

It is also important to enter keyword as part of your title and have the same keyword in the description and the tag. This will definitely get your video rank very high in YouTube as well as in Google.

When people rate or comment on your video this is also very crucial to get your video ranked at the top, according to Google people are interested in your video and as a result it get ranked higher accordingly.

The way to market with YouTube is to create a video that provide valuable information to your niche market and put your url link right in the beginning and at the end of the video as this would drive targeted traffic back to your website.

YouTube had made it so easy for you to embed your video in any remote website. This means you can simply copy the embed code on YouTube and paste the code on your website, Blog, Myspace or any other site that allows you to enter HTML code. So go out there and start taking advantage of this medium to drive targeted traffic back to your site.


Source by Travis Liu

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