Film Review: Les Miserables


Les Misérables is set in a French Revolution in France and started in the early 19th century. It is a story of Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), an ex-convict who breaks the parole that became a successful local town mayor and owner of a factory by the help of a bishop (Colm Wilkinson), who helps him and shows him profound kindness to become a better person, and a ruthless police inspector, Javert (Russell Crowe), who continues his trail to hunt and bring Jean Valjean back to prison. Later on, Valjean adopted his employee’s daughter, Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), and moved with her to Paris to have peaceful life as his promise to Fantine (Anne Hathaway) that he will care her daughter and get her from the custody of cruel Thenardiers (Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter). Years later, Marius Pontmercy (Eddie Redmayne), a student of rebellion, falls for Cosette and eventually leads to a love triangle between them and Eponine (Samantha Barks), who is selflessly in love with Marius. And as the story continues, the characters will greatly be affected by the political and societal tumult that takes place during the period in France.

From the beginning of the story, many circumstances will be revealed that will give different emotions to the audience. In a sense where all of us may relate to the scenes, portraying a lot of symbolism that is so relevant today. The flow of the plot is so smooth and it is incredibly directed. The characters delivered their dialogues very-well and sung the song grandly especially Samantha Barks who played the role for Eponine, Anne Hathaway for the role of Fantine, Hugh Jackman for the role of Jan Valjean and Russell Crowe for the role of Javert. All of them astound in the musical drama film because of their facial expressions and emotions. They are effective characters that grab attention because of their skills in singing and acting. The production design and the costumes are very appropriate for the settings and roles in each scene. It is so obvious that they give much effort, time and money in producing this brilliant film. The colors added a good effect in the mood and atmosphere of the movie creating a good impression for everyone. The sound effects enrich the viewing experience and quality of the film that people will surely love. The camera movements and angles are extremely well. And, many symbolisms were depicted throughout the story that gives more value, importance and especially, twist to its plot. One of these are the Bishop’s silver candlesticks which represent the beginning of life that you must shed light in a darkened world, the Bastille Elephant that symbolizes the potential of France through its greatness, the barricades which represents earthly things that resembles how sins can hold people back from doing what they are meant to do or meant to be. So if they overcome these things, they can have a better life, and Gavroche, the spunky street urchin, who symbolizes the hope and goodness for every individuals like the youth the today. And also, the yellow passport, a symbol of social injustice that is so timely and relevant.

Upon the good criticisms and over-all impressions, the movie Les Misérables is a wonderful and impressive film. It is obvious that this is successful because of its nominations and awards it won in the field of film industry. This is a movie that every audience will love to watch where they can learn a lot of moral lessons especially in dealing in different situations in our life. It is a perfect concept that teaches us that revolution is the act through which can create a new and better world for everyone. It shows us the different issues that all of us must be aware with. The sets and special effects helped in creating a magnificent film where it can convey your feelings and emotions in each scene of the characters that captures every viewer’s hearts. The characters excellently gave life in the different perspectives in the story and the arrangement of plot is easy to understand. So as a conclusion, the movie is extremely good. The symbolisms were concisely presented. This film does not only give you a great musical experience but it helps you to become a better individual through God where there is love, faith, joy, hope and salvation.


Source by MA Celina M Pamintuan

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