Exposed! 5 Myths of YouTube Success


Four billion videos are viewed on YouTube each and every day; 27 million videos are watched every 10 minutes and 2.7 million are viewed every minute!

So how come you haven’t launched a YouTube channel for your business yet? Maybe you’re holding yourself back because you believe one of these 5 myths.

Exposing these 5 myths should ease every entrepreneurs’ worry and anxiety about diving into video marketing.

YouTube, Your Business and 5 Myths of Viral Video

Recently, YouTube’s group product manager Baljeet Singh wrote an article entitled “YouTube, Your Business and 5 Myths of Viral Video”.

Myth #1: Your Video Has to Go Viral or It’s Worthless

Even if millions of people were watching your videos, it doesn’t guarantee success. Millions are unnecessary. Having the right people watching is crucial!

Singh cites a toy company, Rokenbok, as a prime example.

At a time when specialty toy stores were closing down, Rokenbok started a YouTube channel showing entertaining and informative videos. These videos have led to the store flourishing when they otherwise would be out of business.

Because their toys are pricey, they don’t expect people to buy anything the first time they learn about Rokenbok. The company recognizes that they need to build a relationship with the family first.

Sounds like a lot of entrepreneurs doesn’t it?

Rokenbok now says, “YouTube is becoming our most important vehicle for advertising.”

Lesson Learned: Don’t worry about going viral! You can have great video marketing success without it.

Myth #2: Only Funny Videos are Popular

Can you think of anything more boring than ceiling tiles?

Ceilume, a 40-person company which produces decorative ceiling tiles has gathered more than a million video views on their YouTube channel and sales have increased by 15% as a result.

What’s so fascinating about their videos? They instruct their audience in how to install, repair, and clean ceiling tiles, and they demonstrate the quality and price of their product.

This topic may not be engaging to you or me, but to their target audience it’s helpful, instructional and obviously has made an impact.

Lesson Learned: Stop trying to be funny! Create videos that interest your target audience by providing them information they can use and benefit from.

Myth #3: Only Young People are on YouTube

Believe it or not, there are a lot of older people on YouTube!

Singh says that “55% of all women 18-54 use YouTube.” And YouTube reaches 20 million females aged 35-54. (Oprah’s website reaches 19 million!)

Be sure to optimize your videos with keywords that apply to your audience, and no matter what their age, you’ll find them on YouTube.

Lesson Learned: Even if your target market is over the age of 18, you’ll find them on YouTube. So you need to be there too, ready to provide them what they’re looking for.

Myth #4: People Only Watch Entertaining Videos on YouTube

Uh, re-read Myth #2 above. A million views for a ceiling tile channel!

In fact, “how to” videos are searched three times more than “Music Videos. How-to videos rock!

A quick search of how to videos on YouTube reveals videos on how to:

  • Grill like a pro
  • Apply makeup
  • Plant a garden
  • Sew
  • Change the oil in your car
  • Replace your pool filter
  • Scoop dog poop

Yes – how to scoop doggy poop! One such video has over 2,500 views!

Lesson Learned: Even if you or your business is as dull as dishwater, a how-to video targeted to your market can boost your business and your sales.

Myth #5: Videos Must be Professionally Done to be Effective

Some of the “lower production value” videos that are shot while just playing around actually perform as well as the scripted “higher production value” videos.

In fact, when Usher first signed Justin Bieber (who initially gained his visibility via YouTube), the recording label made the intentional and strategic decision to continue building Justin up on YouTube with home-produced videos prior to launching his first album. They recognized the incredible power and authenticity of “unprofessionally produced” video distributed via YouTube.

Rokenbok Toys (from Myth #1 above), likewise found that some of their “lower production value” videos shot while just “playing around” perform as well as their scripted “higher production value” videos.

Lesson Learned: You don’t need to look slick if you have good content targeted toward your market.

So there you have it. The 5 myths exposed!

Video is quickly becoming a “must do” for small business success. And it’s quite clear. If you aren’t taking advantage of video marketing for your business, you’re leaving money on the table.


Source by Lynn Ruby

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