Essential Tips For Boudoir Photography


Boudoir photography is a special form of photography. It’s used to capture the sensuality of a female. This form of photography may be called risqué or sexual.

However, when it is done the right way, it is very elegant and tasteful. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you some boudoir photography tips.

For The Boudoir Photographer

If you are a first time Boudoir photographer there are a few things you need to do to prepare yourself and your subject for their shoot.

Before you go into this you should get online and study other Boudoir photographs to get a better idea of how your photos should turn out.

Tip 1: Decide on a Location

Deciding on a location that will make your subject comfortable is the most important. You want to always ensure they are comfortable. This will help them relax so it will be easier to be sensual.

Make sure you use soft or diffuse light. This will soften your subject’s features, and it will be a more intimate setting.

Tip 2: The Set Should Be Elegant and Feminine

Make your set elegant and feminine. This can be done easy in a bedroom or living room. Guide your subject to be provocative yet modest. Catch their eyes; they give off the most emotion.

You want to get just the right amount of skin in the photo so that the person looking at it is left wanting more.

Tip 3: Build Up Your Subject’s Confidence

Boudoir photo shoots help build a woman’s confidence. You can make her look and feel like the sexiest woman alive. When these shoots turn out just right they will be the most sensual thing you have ever seen.

Every woman wants to always be seen as a sensual, sexy, feminine woman. At home they may be a busy mom, a workaholic, or just not able to feel like that all the time. So make this the best Boudoir shoot you have ever done.

For The Boudoir Photography Subject

For the boudoir photography subject, here are some great tips on making yourself at ease during the shoot.

Tip 1: Prepare Yourself for the Session

Being the subject of Boudoir Photography there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your session. Deciding what look you are going for should be the first thing you do.

This will make preparing for you session much easier. Will you choose to be a sexy cheerleader, a business woman, school teacher, etc? This will take care of your outfit for the shoot. Please keep in mind to wear clothing that fits your curves, but is not so tight you can’t breathe.

Tip 2: Choose Items That Make You Feel Confident

Choose items that make you feel confident, and will improve your body image. You want to feel like you are very sexy, yet conservative.

When you schedule your shoot be sure to talk over how much you are comfortable revealing in your photos. This way you set some boundaries and you will not feel uncomfortable at your shoot.

Tip 3: Your Hair and Makeup

Get your hair and makeup professionally done. This way you get the perfect look to go with your outfit. Your eye makeup should be on the heavy side because the lighting will be low and this look is very sensual. Make sure you have a location you are comfortable with.

Keep in mind how much you will or will not be showing while choosing your location. Then you head out and enjoy feeling like a confident sensual woman.


Boudoir photography is certainly an interesting type of photography and it brings out sensuality in a woman. It may not be easy for a woman to become at ease as a subject, so some amount of preparation for both the photographer and subject would go a long way in making the session a successful one.


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