DVD Packaging: Choose From the Many Options Available in the Market

The first music CD was launched in the 1980s. And since then, things have undergone a sea-change. The same is true when it comes to CD and DVD packaging. That time, it was a simple CD jewel case with a song list and lyric cover. Today, one has many options to choose from. Movie distribution companies spend a lot on packaging so as to make sure to come up with something visually more interesting and mind-grabbing. Packaging has become an essential part of the overall marketing campaign to make the project a big success in the market. And thanks to New Digital Print Technology which promises fast and quality CD packaging and DVD packaging.

A more eye-catching DVD packaging means more sales. And then, you have many options to choose from. Instead of that old plastic case, companies can now go for metal, flat panel, cut out, 3D or even Holographic designed cases. Blu-ray discs are also a great option for packaging.

To put it simply, DVD packaging options include:

• PVC – It is simple and very cost effective packaging option.

• CD Jewel Case – One can opt for single or multi disc versions. An ideal option!

• DVD Case – They come in standard 14mm and in a variety of colours. The package can accept up to 6 discs.

• DVD Slimline – It is a 7mm slimline version.

One can also opt for Clamshell cases, CD Caddie cases and Cardboard wallet. There is also plenty of scope for coming up with innovative ideas to differentiate your DVD from the rest.

The Internet can be extremely helpful here. Many duplication companies have now come-out with easy-to-use templates on their online portals which a company or an art team can download and come-up with new and innovative packaging for your CD or DVD.

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