The upcoming Sci-Fi film “The Martian” may have had its plot hampered by some real life science. In the film, the lead character is stranded on Mars without enough food to last until his rescue, forcing him to find creative ways to grow a crop without the presence of water.


Interestingly enough, just before the film is set to open in theaters this Friday, Today, N.A.S.A. announced the unfortunate fact that there may actually be water on Mars in much higher quantities than previously known. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured photos, the strongest evidence yet, that salty liquid water flows on the planet’s surface during warm seasons. The Rover Curiosity has confirmed some of these findings.

Does this news take the splash out of the opening of Ridley Scott’s latest Sci-Fi Adventure? I think not! The findings of the N.A.S.A and J.P.L missions indicate that there could be water, at certain times and certain places on the Red Planet. I think a good analogy would be that of saying that because that is water somewhere in the Sahara desert, anyone can just go for a stroll through it.

Many science fiction books and film scripts have had to deal with real life science catching up to them. One example is a short story written by Isaac Asimov in which he acknowledges that in the story “The Dying Night“, he stated that the planet mercury only shows one face toward the sun. It was later discovered that mercury does in fact change rotation slightly over a much greater time, a fact Asimov noted when the story appeared in subsequent anthologies printed after this advance in scientific knowledge.

This newly discovered fact about water on Mars should not deter any but the most obstinate movie goer’s. The one’s who refuse to suspend their disbelief for their own enjoyment. I think the proper nomenclature for these type of viewers would be trolls.

All this means is that the writers of science fiction are going to have to “up their game” and dig deep for creative ideas. Writers will find it necessary to begin creating even more fantastic fictional stories, because the present is quickly catching up with the future.

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