Digital Photo Frame Risks


With the coming of digital photo frames, the usual hoopla of too many additional features has not seemed to deter sales of the technology from becoming a popular gift item. There are all sorts of web based sites selling frames and starting to get the idea that a demand for content is a growing new enterprise as well. So far, there does not seem to be much exciting that most content providers have to offer in the way of something striking and different to do with enhancing personal photos other than fancy transitions.

One quiet risk to all this dazzling technology is the WiFi connection that touts the ability to download content directly from the web into digital picture frames. Unfortunately, this portion of the technology carries a whole bucket load of hidden risks that might make you think twice before hooking up your picture frame to the web. The significant risk here is in contracting a web based virus in the closed operating system of the picture frame. Since there is no user access to the “guts” of the digital picture frame operating system, this means that if a clever virus arrives to set up shop on your picture frame, there is no protection for removing or reversing the damage and your frame could be rendered useless.

Currently, the best protection for your picture frame is to be certain that you only load images from a source that has been virus protected, This includes any transfer media you may be using to load pictures into your frame. Be sure images are checked by good virus protection software before making their way to your picture frame. Since digital picture frames allow input from a variety of media resources, the direct load of pictures from digital camera to frame is the cleanest way to download your pictures. Just make sure the camera media such as SAN disks have not been used in a computer that might be infected with a computer virus that will be spread to the media, and on to your frame. By keeping your frame off line, and using its own self contained environment, you can count on getting more from your investment for a long time to come.


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