Content Creation Business – Where Do You Make The Money?


Content Creation entrepreneurship implies that you are completing online “creation” related tasks with a goal of earning revenue. But did you know that building a YouTube channel and creating videos does not directly earn you revenue in and of itself? Just putting something out on YouTube does not earn you a nickel. So how do you actually earn anything by starting up a business of this sort? The truth is, there are a number of additional things you need to do in order to start earning revenues and it takes time to actually start earning significant revenues – honestly, it takes many people a year or more to get there. So what do you need to actually do in order to earn revenue?

  • First, earn a Google AdSense Account: A Google AdSense account can be had once you have placed 7-10 or more items of revenue earnable content on YouTube. Google makes an agreement with you to place ads around your videos on the YouTube site and you are “monetized”. As people click on these advertisements, you can earn revenue.
  • Build a website or blog site that is “Google AdSense” friendly. Same principal here – Google will place ads on your website and/or blog area and as people click on these ads, you earn revenue.

The reality: You need lots and lots of people looking at your videos resulting in a percentage of them clicking on these ads to earn you any significant amounts of money – as each ad click usually nets you less than a dollar – often, just a few pennies. So you need to build a significantly larger follower base of people willing to repeatedly look at your new content as it comes out in order to build sustainable, long term AdSense revenue from your content. This means your job is not just to create the content, but you have to promote what you’ve created daily to get people to view what you have built – and you have to build content that is good enough to get people to keep coming back to view it again and to be viewing your new content as you create it.

This mean you have to build a large group of followers – and you build these followers across various “Social Media” channels such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.. You have to regularly contribute to these various channels in order to get people to follow you there as well – and they are looking for things to help them or please them – so you are not just pushing your created videos at them; you are “curating” 3rd party content and sharing it with them such as photos, humour, articles, dialogue, tips and more. Doing this builds the relationship bonds with them over time that help you to get some of them to click back through and watch your YouTube videos and potentially click on some of your AdSense ads (on YouTube and on your website) so you can make money from them. But this is a lot of work and it takes time to build these relationships to a significant enough level that you make any real money at it.

However, doing this work is necessary and not just for the AdSense revenue you are trying to get. These relationships you have built on these social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are visible to others; and these others include corporate advertisers and sponsors to whom things you are doing are valuable and they begin to look at you as a potential marketing partner to help them meet their advertising objectives – as they usually do not have either the time or the inclination to do this work that you are doing; yet, for them to sell their products, it is necessary to leverage the types of relationships you have created – and they want you promoting their products to your established follower base. This is your next level of revenue generation from this business – making direct advertising deals with corporate advertisers.

Another source of revenue stems from your content creation efforts. As you build videos and create articles, you ultimately build enough of them that you can start to package your content into e-books that you can sell on places like Amazon’s Kindle platform or even from your own website – and both can be significant revenue generation points for you as you simultaneously build your follower base.

These are core revenue sources for your content creation business over time and there are a number of others you will uncover as you start putting in the time building your content creation business. Bottom line is that you can make good money at a content creation business but it takes time, promotion and deal making to get there. It is fun but a lot of hard work as well.

Good luck in your content creation business endeavours.


Source by Dan Grijzenhout

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