Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement


Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement can be defined, as a contract entered between the producer of a motion picture and script writer, wherein, the producer is prevented from disclosing or sharing the creative ideas of the script writer with the third party. This agreement is signed during the early stage of the script submission or when the writer provides ideas and storyline concepts to the studio or producer for the new movie.

Why does writer require such Agreement? When a producer plans new movie production, he authorizes the script writer to submit ideas and concept of the storyline for the movie. As the writer is a creative person, he/she come out with new story line and presents his concepts to the studio for the new movie cast.

But, on few occasions, the producer misuse the ideas of the writer and share it with unauthorized persons or assign another writer to write the movie story, based on the same ideas, submitted by the original script writer. In order to prevent the producer from sharing his ideas with third parties, the script writer offers Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreement.

The signing of the Contract by the producer, legally binds him to the clauses in the agreement and he is compelled to safeguard the storyline concept of writer, by not disclosing or sharing it with another person. Thus, the contract preserves the confidential information of the writer from publication, sharing with third party, disclosure, misuse and dissemination.

The important points covered by the Contract are as follows:

• Confidentiality: Any creative idea or storyline concept given to the studio or producer is termed as confidential information.

• Non-Disclosure: The contract legally binds the parties to safeguard the confidential information by not disclosing or making it known to third persons, without prior permission of the script writer.

• Non-Circumvention: The storyline or creative ideas are submitted to the producer for the business deal and, if the deal is canceled then, neither party is authorized to use these confidential information or ideas for any other purpose.

• The agreement also bears the clauses, for the breach of the contract by either party. Any breach of the provisions in the contract by any of the signing party, will make them liable and responsible for the breach and, may draw penalty for the violation of the clauses.

Through such Agreement, the writer, as well as producer can protect their rights, confidential information and safeguard their interests.

You can easily download this Contract Form template from online sites and print it for entering into agreement with the studio.


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