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There are generally hundred of choices of cellphones in the market at any given time. The best on the list, would depend specifically on the needs of the user. Among the choices that you can have a “go,look, and see” are the product lines that are carried by some of the top electronic vendors, to wit:

Android Phones

The Android phone is one of the so-called high flyers in the market today. Its highly advanced platform enables a user to access all his favorite Google apps, games, music, and e-books. To date, there are around 600,000 apps and games in Google. Likewise, there are millions of songs and e-books and thousands of movies, that can keep the user entertained, as well.

The Android phone is considered smart. However, added features in its platform is making it smarter. The reason, is that it is making the mobile device more powerful. The features of Android – home screen, web browser, email, and entertainment features, among others are designed to make life easier for the user.

The platforms would include: widgets that can interact directly from the home screen, easy to read notifications, multitasking, voice typing, sleek photos and videos.


Smartphones are mobile phones with advance mobile operating capacity features in connectivity as compared to standard feature phones. Recent models have add-ons that include: high resolution touch screens; high speed web browsers; optimized sites that can be access through mobile, and; other functions. These would include – PDA’s, portable media players, compact digital and video cameras, and GPS navigation.

The mobile operating systems that are in placed in most smartphone units would include: Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft Windows phone, among many others. The operating systems can be installed in many different models and is enabled to receive updates over the lifetime of the unit.

The screens on smartphones depends on display size and resolution. The standard screen size is 3 to 5 inches, measured diagonally. Recently, industry trends have emerged towards the use of HD 1080p smartphone screen for the high end users with models coming from – Sony, Huawei, LG, Panasonic, Alcatel and others.

Refurbished Phones

A refurbished phone is a unit that has been returned to the factory due to a number of reasons: it might have been broken, customer dissatisfaction after a 30 day trial period, or sent back for rebuilt to mint conditions. These type of phones are often older models with no advance features. Some units though, may be equipped with built-in cameras or MP3 player.

The reason why people buy these type of phones are varied. It might be because, a cheaper phone is needed to replace a broken unit. Or it might be because the user would want to save money, but would want to have a mere functioning phone, with just the basic features.

Most refurbished phones are sent back to the factory for repairs or to improve quality. In case problems persist, the unit comes with a warranty of ninety (90) days for any problems that may cropped up later.

Samsung Cell Phone

Samsung is among the top electronic manufacturers in the world today. The Samsung phone is one of the five (5) product lines of the company. Their models ranges from basic standard phones to the more elaborate next generation models. With its strong name recognition, Samsung cell phone was catapulted into number two position in the industry in 2007, in terms of units produced, replacing Motorola for the first time. One strength of the company lies on its development of a lasting relationship with its customer base. It has been awarded a Customer Loyalty award for three years by Brand Keys, Inc., a leader in customer loyalty metrics.

Samsung Electronics is now considered the world leader in the mobile phone market in terms of sales in 2011. It is also the world’s largest vendor of smart cellphones since 2011. In the first quarter of 2012, the Samsung cell phone ranked as the highest mobile cell phone company, overtaking Nokia in number one status. Samsung was adjudged the number one smartphone vendor due to its strong sales of Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note devices.

iPhone 500

The iPhone 500 is a mobile device that makes full use of the500px for a full width timeline. Features like, getting notification when people – like, comment or share your photos. Other features include: high resolution photography, and ability to share it in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Photographer’s profile usually comes with a high resolution cover photo, showcasing your friend’s most recent photographs. Added feature of the iPhone, is being able to scroll down the entire library so you can comment or like them as you please.

The iPhone 500 is a platform in photo sharing for aspiring photographers. Added features include community selected photographs and editors list of favorites. One can also purchase high resolution digital photographs of one’s favorite pictures on the 500 px market for iPad.


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