Canadian Film Schools


A number of award winning television shows and approximately a quarter of the Hollywood films are shot in Canada. The film industry in Canada is definitely at an all time high. As a result several film schools, offering programs on the various streams of filmmaking, have been the natural choice of candidates interested in a filmmaking career.

Canada offers a host of film schools providing the necessary skills and training to the aspiring students. They not only support the technical requirements of filmmaking, but also include sound designing and effects, camera operating techniques, set designing, lighting techniques and cinematography. They ensure the guidance of skilled and experienced instructors. The art of movie making is dealt with from the very basics, to help the students to realize their dreams of becoming successful filmmakers. There are many schools also offering computer animation training, including 3D imaging and special effects.

All these schools offer a variety of programs to choose from, according to personal preference. Courses are available offering certification, diploma and degrees on filmmaking. Course duration and fee structures vary, according to the duration and institute reputation. Students can choose the schools and course online and apply, following the application procedures. Financial aids and scholarships are offered to the deserving candidates. Career counseling services are also offered in order to judge the student interest and help in choosing the right course. Career services offering placement opportunities are provided at the end of the course.

Several Canadian film schools have individual websites providing all the required details about the various programs offered and the admission procedures. Students can get a fair idea by going through the details and comparing the different schools. Another good way of finding the quality of education and job opportunities is to consult an ex-student of the school.


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