Black Mobile Phones: Stylish and Sophisticated Phones


Looking for a mobile phone of your favourite colour? The online mobile phone shops are full of mobile phones with different colours. You can easily pick up the one that suits your personality.

The Nokia N90 Black has a wide array of camera controls and picture settings and is expected to be one of the best camera mobiles ever. Apart from sporting a quite powerful flash and a large number of applications that support digital photography, the phone also supports video shooting. Taking mobile photography to a new level, it is the world’s first camera phone equipped with Carl Zeiss optics and offers superior quality photography with a possibility to instantly print and share shots over distances. The brilliant viewfinder can compete with any viewfinder of a digital camera. The smartphone sports a 2 megapixel camera with auto focus for crisp high resolution pictures and displays photos on a large high resolution screen. We can say that the Nokia N90 is famous for its photographic capabilities than its phone capabilities. It is a Symbian Series 60 platform phone capable of 3G operations in addition to tri-band.

The stylish and extraordinarily sophisticated Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition Black is truly unique with its interface, design, look, feel and exclusive sounds. Fascinate those around you with a stainless steel body and a premium user interface that enhances with a brilliant 262,144 colour TFT display. The distinctive slide mechanism reveals its 2 megapixel camera which takes good quality photos that are good enough to print. With high quality colour screen acting as an excellent viewfinder, video recording is also available. The attractive little phone has an attractive little music player too. You can enjoy your favourite tunes on the move by loading your MP3 files into the Nokia 8800 Sirocco. This eye-catching handset also has Bluetooth for connectivity. Exclusivity and style, is what the Nokia 8800 Black is all about. The stunning phone is lovely to hold and it is for people who require a phone that concentrates on originality and style.

So if style is what matters to you and if you are obsessed with the colour ‘Black’, the Nokia 8800 Black and N90 are for you.


Source by Andrena Markley

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