Best Way to Study for Project Management Professional Exams


The Project Management Professional, or PMP, certificate is one of the most important certificates that a project manager could obtain. The test is vital to ensuring that you have the necessary qualifications to interview for project manager positions, whether you are interviewing at a major corporation or a startup. Studies also show that IT professionals who obtain the PMP certificate are going to earn at least 15 to 20 percent more than individuals who are working the same job, but do not have the certificate. That shows how important professional examinations such as the PMP can be!

These benefits are why it is so important to study for examinations in the right way. It is never easy, especially when you are settled in a work rhythm. You go to the office in the day and you have time to yourself in the evening and night. It is tough to break that routine, especially for studying. But if you spend a few weeks preparing for the PMP exam, or another professional exam that relates to your ideal job, it can help you in a major way. But what is the most effective method to study for these exams? Here is a comparison of two methods.

1. Reviewing All the Possible Material

The first method is the most straightforward – you will study every bit of material that could be related to the exam. Even though this method will take you a long time, it will ensure that you are fully prepared for anything the exam can throw at you. However, not everyone has an empty schedule to study for such an exam, especially if you are working in the meantime. That is why we need something a little more efficient.

2. Studying the Exam Itself

We recommend studying the exam itself, which involves doing a lot of sample questions and taking a few practice tests. You will start by taking a complete practice test before you study anything. Then, assess your results and see what types of questions or sections were your weakest. This will give you a baseline that you can use for the remaining study days. Focus your time on the weak areas and just spend a bit of time revising those sections where you got close to full marks.

The good news is that you can find a few reputable online sites where sample questions and practice tests are available. These are legitimate sites where industry leaders are vetting and posting sample questions from the most recent editions of these professional exams.

Say you are interested in the PMP exam. You would go on the PMP page on a reputable sample questions website, and it would allow you to check out hundreds of sample questions as you prepare for the test. The best sites even include question discussion sections, where you can check out how others answered tough questions – if you are unable to arrive at the right answer yourself.

When it comes to professional exams, it is always a good idea to prepare efficiently. By studying the exam through sample questions and practice tests, you will pass every exam at the first try.


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