BBA in Media Management – Programme Overview


The three-year intensive programme in media management was started combining the main elements of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with the managerial challenges related to the media sector. This aspect needs to be focused specially because of its vitality to the creative economies. The discipline equips every student with significant business skills and aptitude and makes them well-versed in creativity. This makes them perfect to go for a career in managing the media world in areas like advertising, multimedia, graphic design, theatre, film, publishing, video, music and television.

Scope and Eligibility

After finishing a graduate degree in this field, a student can look up to make a career in advertising, digital and new media, PR and events, television, AV production, FM stations and film production. You just have to be an undergraduate from a UGC recognised institution to get into this discipline. You just need to prove your candidature satisfactorily to match the laid down conditions as per the respective universities for taking a postgraduate study. The minimum eligibility also comprises a basic degree of the senior secondary level.

Programme Overview and Structure

During the course, students get acquainted with various topics like global creative industries, media economies, media research, PR and corporate communication, business analytics, entrepreneurship and small business management. After getting introduced to this field, aspirants learn about topics, such as communication skills, personality development, project management, leadership skills, creative industries law and managing film, TV and music production.

Broadening the Spectrum

In the last stages, future professionals gear up for future as they take up papers like strategic management and leadership, financial planning, marketing branding and social media. They further gain knowledge in managing system and information, organisational direction and HR planning and performance management. At the end of the final year, students only need to submit one dissertation on a self-chosen title and they are equipped to take the media world by storm.

Practical Exposure for Opportunities

Some of the universities also give classroom insights in accounting and statistics, operations management and business law. Apart from these, you can take up electives in consumer behaviour, mass media, media design and culture as well as behavioural science. During the course, you get to attend seminars and workshops or take up summer internships to enhance your practical knowledge or widen your horizons. Few of the colleges also require their students to submit a minor project report in the chosen functional area for better exposure to the theories.

There are some institutions where you can study one of the foreign languages prescribed for the curriculum in case you want to increase your chances for a better job. The specialised knowledge helps in landing up with such job offers that come with attractive salaries.


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