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The passion of filmmaking is very addictive, it has no age bar. The creativity and imagination summed up in motion set back trends and history. If you wish a great career in this field and want public to go gaga over your work, then start working for it today! Tomorrow never comes, don’t wait get started now to achieve your dreams! Here is a chance for those passionate students’ filmmakers whose heart beats for creativity and brain explodes with dreams of making your films. If you wonder how this is possible as for now you are yet in universities studying.

No worries! If film making is runs in your blood and you day dream your blockbusters during classes then “Student Academy Award” is the way for you to go! It provides young student a platform to showcase their excellence in Filmmaking, many of the successful TV and movie star have been successfully participated in this annual competition in which professional film makers judge and select winner to be awarded with trophies and cash award with other promotional offers. There are three awards- Gold, silver and bronze including cash $5000, $3,000 and $2,000 respectively in motion picture arts and sciences for outstanding work in each category.

The student should strictly be enrolled in degree course at the universities recognized by SAA executive committee and the entries must be based on student-teacher relationship. The completed motion picture entitled for entry must be submitted to the SAA assigned online portal. The film should not be for any other purpose i.e. – advertisement, promotional films etc. and the running time of the film ought to be 40 minutes including all the credits. It is compulsory English to be the language of the movie, either subtitled or dubbed.

In the entry form available online, it is must to mention the main person related to film, in case of more than one credits can be shared by clearly mentioning the details with that the proper contact details must be given in form. The film should be submitted in the appropriate sub-category in either domestic category or foreign category. The foreign participants must confirm their participation as one entry per school is granted which are SAA recognized non- U.S. members of CILECT. Failure to follow the proper criteria can lead to disqualification from competition, so does the failure to fulfil the entry requirements within the mentioned period.

The categories for the domestic entries are following: Animation, Short Films, Documentary, Narrative, and Alternative. Same categories are listed for the foreign entries but the submission is restricted to one entry per school. For the details of the format of the movie and technical details including other query, please visit the website. The winners are also entitled to visit Los Angles for SAA week. So, this is a great opportunity to the aspirational young filmmakers to add new dimensions and dynamics in their dream and have a bright and successful career.

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