Amadeus Movie Review – Starring F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, and Elizabeth Berridge


“Amadeus” is the incredible tragic tale of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as his death at the hands of his nemesis Antoni Salieri. The storyline, acting, and cinematography are all wonderful. The film is based on the 1979 play of the same title.

The movie begins in an insane asylum in the 1820s, where Salieri (Abraham) has been placed. There he confesses to a priest to the murder of Mozart (Hulce). He tells the story of how he met Mozart as a child in Vienna. From the start, Salieri was jealous of Mozart because of his incredible musical talent, which Salieri is convinced by far surpasses his own talent, despite his enormous success. Salieri also becomes annoyed by Mozart’s childish behavior, wondering why God would endow such a perverted young man with such incredible musical talent. Salieri vows to get even with God by killing Mozart.

At first, Salieri uses his influence in the royal court to deprive Mozart of as much fame as possible. The royal court doesn’t appreciate Mozart’s music, complaining that it has “too many notes”, and Salieri backs them up, though he privately admires his music tremendously.

Mozart struggles to make ends meet. Finally, shortly after Mozart’s father’s death, Salieri disguises himself as the ghost of his deceased father and tells him to compose his own death requiem. Mozart obliges, but ends up dying before it is complete.

In the years following Mozart’s death, his music becomes more and more famous and recognized, while Salieri sinks into obscurity.


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