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The international film and movie industry is delivering increasingly more innovative and fantasy based special effects’ that create the wow factor in films and draw the crowds in by the millions. The use of motion graphics has become a mainstay in the modern film industry, with many of the largest blockbusters utilising the technology. In fact, it has now become a standard whereby films are assessed. The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland and Avatar; but to mention a few; are using video and animation technology to create visually amazing backgrounds, characters, series of action and the level of excitement demanded from the modern consumer desiring entertainment at its highest levels. With the box office numbers being closely watched for the key measure to evaluate the success or failure of a movie, the story has now become a little repetitive. The next big blockbuster is the one that utilises motion graphic technology the best to create awe inspiring and epic productions.

Advancements in Adobe software have been the main driver of the ability to create such graphics and animation. The industry leading after effects software is considered an essential ingredient for a successful movie or film, whether it is heavy on visual effects, as the films mentioned above, or simply used to coordinate the elements in a movie together. However, to achieve these desired results, a large creative, design, production and coding team is required to accomplish such after effects. With the advent of after effects templates, the process has just become a lot easier (even for the novice) and cheaper. AE templates present a simple manner in which to create a large range of motion graphic, animation and visual effects that produce professional results and in many cases, the highlight of the film.

AE templates are available for immediate purchase and download from experienced and leading after effects specialists. Being in a format that is not only ‘ready to use’, but completely customisable, the implementation of AE templates into your production will bring immediate and cost effective results. Available in a range of designs, formats and styles, AE templates provide the flexibility to fit in with any project that is being worked on; with the added benefit of customising the AE template again for a later production.

Leading AE template websites also provide an excellent resource and forum whereby budding and experienced developers alike, can meet and converse about their success, issues and challenges in developing AE templates and customising them for use in their production and films.


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