Adobe CQ5 Training Helps Managers in Better Customer Engagement

Adobe CQ5 is a complex piece of feature rich software that helps enterprises manage content effortlessly and derive useful business intelligence. The latest iteration of Adobe CQ5 is now a part of Adobe’s Web Experience Management Suite that combines CQ5 with Online Marketing Suite, a forerunner of their Customer Experience Management suites to follow. Enterprises are adapting Adobe’s platform due to its benefits and because it is much needed in today’s business climate. Given the complexity of the packages from Adobe, learning it and becoming adept in its usage is no small task.

For instance, the website of a company becomes the platform for customer engagement and CQ5 s the perfect tool for this purpose. With this latest version of software it is possible to drive engagements and customer experiences to a higher level. Managers need to know how to store information, group them, categorize them and draw useful intelligence. A manager can use his mobile device to carry out content management with effortless ease. It goes beyond in analyzing user information and traffic and generate as well as manage leads besides launching email campaigns. This is one aspect of a manager’s task. Smart managers also need to keep a finger on the social pulse, an area where Adobe CQ5 helps by improving social collaboration across communities and channels through a single dashboard. One can create content, publish it selectively and moderate it too. Going a step further it is possible to use intelligence derived to launch marketing campaigns through the same interface.

It requires dexterity in the use of CQ5 to become proficient and it is no secret that while managers are good at their jobs, IT is one department where they could do with a little help. When it is a complex and feature rich set like CQ5, Adobe CQ5 training is indispensable to enable them to get a good handle on how to use its specific modules relevant to their job responsibilities. Firstly, a generalized training will not serve the purpose. Custom training in CQ5 is necessary to bring managers up to speed in their areas of work. Two, managers are busy people. They can rarely find time to attend classroom training sessions and must access learning resources and an expert guide when they can. For them expert online training in CQ5 is a much better solution with the benefit that such training is global in nature, easily accessed anytime from anywhere using any device with the accent on a modular structure tailored to managers and their specific tasks.

Such online training, or in-house training or CQ5 classroom training does not guarantee that managers become experts. There are practical issues where such managers need support and finding the right institute that offers continuing support long after the training is over is what helps managers derive maximum benefit and leverage CQ5 to achieve better performance.

Source by Bharani Kumar

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