“A Minute Around the World”

A Documentary Project

Project Summary

I’m producing a documentary with one-minute clips shot from all over the world. The goal is to show both the diversity and similarity of different cultures and people from across the world. Our hopes, our dreams, and aspirations.








Most video clips will be larger than 25 MB, which is the Gmail size limit for attachments.  See graphics for example.









Click on the paperclip, it will open to your computer files.

Select the video clip, click ok.




Google will automatically begin to create and add the video file as a link.


Once the file has loaded, fill in the info as

shown and that’s it.

Now just hit send.



This process will work with most mobile devices or email accounts so no worries. if you have any trouble, you can contact me for help.

Details: Please submit your 60-second video clip to digitallifeconcepts.gmail.com

Send a one minute clip of your life to…
Email: Digitallifeconcepts@gmail.com
Subject: One Minute – Your Name- Video Title

**The footage used in the creation of the documentary will become the property of Digital Life Concepts for that purpose only. By submitting your video clip you agree to release all rights to the contents of the video.

We will always respect your privacy.  Your email address and any other information will NOT be shared, sold or given to any third party. 


Thank you for your kind attention and we look forward to seeing your videos!