Who is Digital Life Concepts?

Founded in 2013, I created Digital Life Concepts as a small Photo/Video marketing company while I was working on my first feature-length film.

Over the years, I have spent many years of study in school, online and in the field. I’ve had the privilege of working and learning from some of the most visionary pioneers in Visual Arts medium, including its branches in Film Production, Cinematography, Graphic Design, and Photography.

The common thread of all great artists was their passion for the work.


Why Chose Digital Life Concepts with your Video Projects?

Our passion for the power of images, video, and cinema. It can draw you in and move you. Couple that with the power of social media and your product is continuously available to the consumer all day, every day.

In order to invest in video for your personal or professional needs, you have to know it’s serious business and that it’ll be around in the years to come. I can assure you, not only will the video be around, but it’s going to be one of the top ways major companies reach their target audience and drive revenue.

“300 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube per minute” 

Digital Life Concepts will create with you. All the Dreams of your project will transform from the images in your mind’s eye matches the shot on the screen.

We deliver your content on time, on budget, every time!

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