3 Quick Tips to Get Free Traffic to Your Website!


If you are looking for quick traffic then paid traffic is the way to go but if you are building a business then getting traffic slowly but surely is what you should strive for. A business can only go as high as the foundation is deep. Cutting corners may work for a short while but in the end doesn’t last.

The same goes for traffic; try to find different ways to get easy, free and consistent traffic to your site and in the end every trickle of traffic from many sources will amount to enough traffic to build your list and your business. We’ll be looking at 3 quick tips to get free traffic to your website.

Using YouTube to get free traffic

Needless to say that Video Marketing is one of the best free ways to get traffic to your website. If you own a cellphone, you can start recording tips to help people find a solution to their problems and upload it to YouTube and in return they will visit your website to learn more about you, view more videos and possibly subscribe to your channel.

If you are camera-shy, you can make a PowerPoint video giving away tips and tricks on how to do things that people are searching for in the search engine. When your video comes up in Google you will get tons of traffic to your site and build your business.

Those of you who are more computer friendly can use ‘movie maker’ on their computer to create movies with the goal of solving a problem for people looking for a solution. How many times have you turn to YouTube to find a quick ‘how to’ video to solve a problem that you may have?

Using Facebook group to get traffic to your site

Facebook is one of the major players in the industry and people are using it on a daily basis. You too can use FB to get traffic to your site for free. What you do is you Join Facebook and go find a group related to your niche; ‘how to lose weight after childbirth, how to ask for forgiveness for messing up, how to get free traffic to your site, etc’ you get the idea… then start posting useful and valuable tips on how to solve the problems that these people have. One word of caution however, don’t spam the group!

Using Pinterest to get free traffic

If you have not already signed up for an account then sign for a free account and create a board around your theme (niche). Pinterest is all about images therefore you will want to create images (pin) that people can click through to your website.

Get in the conversation on Pinterest: Pin good, original and relevant content consistently so your pins get re-pinned often. By following people some of them will return the favour and start following you as well and visit your site. Like, comment and re-Pin your follower’s Pins if you like them and in return they will do the same for you.

We hope that we have shown you in this article ‘3 quick tips to get free traffic to your website’ an easy and quick way to get free traffic to your site. There are many, many different ways to get traffic but you have to start with a few then keep adding more and more and eventually you will have a flood of traffic to your site.


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