3 Killer YouTube Secrets You Simply Need to Know!


If you are in business or thinking about starting a business, then getting some leaflets and a pack of business cards printed is no longer good enough. You need to have the ability to connect and build relationships with your audience 24/7 and YouTube is one of several online platforms that allow you to do just that and more! However it is not as simple as just throwing up a video so let me share with you:

3 YouTube secrets that you simply must know in order to be seen

YouTube Secrets #1 Target the Right Audience

If you have ever uploaded a video for business purposes and you didn’t have a clearly defined image of your target audience then stop what you are doing right now and don’t make another video until you understand this concept.

Videos are found by a consumer typing in a keyword or phrase into the search bar. The YouTube search engine then looks for videos that have been described in the same way and presents them to the consumer as results. This is not the only factor the search engines consider, however the simple fact is, if the search engine does not know what the video is about then it can’t even include you in the search results.

To ensure that you are included in this type of search, you need to target the same keywords that your audience will use to search with. To do this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask yourself what targeted consumer and potential user of your products or services would look for. Think about what problems they might have, what questions would they want answering, etc. Once you have defined your ideal customer you can then go about answering their potential questions. The answers you come up with are the fuel for your video content and the way to attract the customers you want the most.

YouTube Secrets #2, Deliver the right message

YouTube is not about the sales pitch. By that, I mean it is not like a TV infomercial where you go direct for the sale. The psyche of the YouTube audience is different. People on YouTube need to be educated, entertained and informed. If you can do all three in one video then great, however your goal should be to leave your viewer with a lasting impact of your video. You want them to walk away saying, “Wow! I never really knew that!” or, “That is a really great idea! I need to know more!”

Your focus should be on using the medium of video to build a rapport with each consumer so they continue to come back to your channel over and over again.

If your message can answer that underlying need of the consumer, then you will stand a far higher chance of that consumer taking the next step.

YouTube Secrets # 3 Guide Your Audience to the Next Step

Having millions of viewers is great. It can help build a great brand presence and make you feel like a bit of a rock star. But Rock stars are only stars because they sell millions of albums and have sell out world tours. If they didn’t make the sales they would have no money with which to live those enviable lifestyles and no money to create more music and win more adoration.

Videos should be designed to whet the appetites of your audience, leave them hungry for more and then, to stick with the rock star comparison, get them to take the next step from downloading a single, to buying an album, and then up selling them to attend one of your world tour venues. How do you do that? At the end of each video you should give a clear call to action as to what the next step is that you want the viewer to make. If it is to watch the next video in a series then tell them. If it is to follow a link underneath the video to get a free download then tell them, or if you want them to leave a comment underneath the video, or share the video with their friends and family then you have to make it clear.

Your goals should be to get peoples’ name and email address so that you can contact them outside of YouTube to alert them of any offers or promotions in relation to the information they were viewing. You want the email for two reasons.

  1. If for any reason your YouTube account is closed then you don’t lose the relationships that you have invested time in building.
  2. By getting the email you now have two ways to keep in contact with that person (YouTube & email) so you can further your relationship.

There you have it; my 3 YouTube secrets you simply must have to get more viewers, build stronger relationships and get more customers. Try them today!


Source by James Debono

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