10 Tips to Become a Millionaire Using YouTube


YouTube is a fantastic tool for internet marketing – if used correctly. Consumers are watching over 2 billion videos per day, and this figure is increasing at an exponential rate.

For an Internet Marketer, where better can you get your message across? A huge audience coming to you, looking for information and products to buy. And the beauty of YouTube is it is completely free advertising!

But for you to be able to sell products from your YouTube video, it firstly must be seen. To do this, you must aim on getting your product on page 1 of Google.

Here are my top 10 Tips to have your YouTube video become an effective Internet Marketing tool:

1. Ensure the product you are promoting has interest to the public. There is no use trying to sell a product via a YouTube video if no-one is looking for it. Simply type the subject into the search tab in YouTube and see if it is popular, and how much competition you will have.

2. To find a hot niche to promote – On opening YouTube, click on the Browse button. Once the new page opens, simply click on the Filter tab. This tab will open all the categories in YouTube. It is here where you can browse each individual category, looking for “hot” trends.

3. When making your YouTube Video, try to incorporate yourself into the Video. This gives the presentation a more personal touch. Remember, it’s all about creating a relationship, and this is easier done if they can see you.

4. If your video consists a PowerPoint Presentation, use OneTrueMedia or Animoto to incorporate Music and Themes. The length of the slide, watermarking and transition can also be set here.

5. Once your video is on YouTube, type in the search tab the niche you are promoting. Look at the top video. Simply copy and paste their heading into your heading. Then copy and paste their tags into your tags. The reason for this? If it’s working for them, it’ll work for you!

6. Write a keyword rich description about your product. This description should be quite long (4-5 paragraphs), but do not repeat yourself too much with your keywords as it will be deemed Spam. Ensure you finish your description with your URL.

7. The first line in your description should be your URL, followed by a keyword rich, catchy description (Only 1 line long). When you are on YouTube looking for videos, this description is what they will see.

8. Leave constructive comments on other peoples videos. Always leave your URL.

9. Don’t stop with just one video per product. Change things around a little and see what works.

10. Ensure your heading and tags are accurate. YouTube will quickly take your video off if deemed misleading.

By following these ten simple tips, I have been able to grab the No. 1 Position on Page 1 on numerous videos.


Source by Jamie Prout

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