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Sponsored Guest Content on Digital Life Concepts What is a Guest post? While we work to bring you the best and most updated information on the internet for creating and managing your own business ventures, on occasion a brand or company will reach out to us with information on a product or service that we […]

Indie Filmmakers|What you really need to get started?

New Filmmakers- What do you really need? Getting started as a Filmmaker can be a bit scary. However, you don’t need 20,000$ worth of camera and audio gear to get going. All you need is something to record with, something to edit on and your imagination! Ok, so let’s elaborate on that. This list is […]

Photo & Camera Resources

Photography & Camera Resources My collection of some of the best tools & information from around the web   Enjoy these and there is more to come!

How To Make A Professional Logo?

How To Make A Professional Logo?

How to Make a Professional Logo without breaking the bank?   Branding your business with a memorable logo is a given if you aspire to success. Images that stay in someone’s mind as an easy way for customers to remember your service or products.   A great example below.             […]

Speed up your WordPress Website in minutes!

Speed up your WordPress Website in minutes!

Speed up your WordPress Website in minutes! Super easy way to boost your web traffic, increase new visitors and prolong user interaction on your site.   So here is the short version. We know slow websites are simply ignored these days. After being mobile friendly, loading speed is the most determining factor for high bounce rate and visitors […]

Are You Stuck?

I found this video while doing some research and I thought it might be helpful to some of my filmmaking brothers and sisters.  We all find ourselves “stuck” and this was really some great advice.  

Social Media Marketing Trends That Now Dominate 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019 Summary by Shaun Bennett If I told you ten years ago that one day soon, there would be website’s on which you could share your opinion’s globally– partake in international debates or upload a video in real-time about what was happening in your life right at the moment—all […]

Movie soundtracks that should be removed?

The latest trend of messing with the musical aspects of films is a growing concern. Most recent of which is the re-release of Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 film “Gravity” with the option to turn off Steven Price’s Oscar-winning score. Thus allowing the audience to “truly experience” the defying silence of space. This could become a new […]