Subscribers and Spam

Greetings all,

Due to an increase of spam subscribers and issues with our newsletter, I have had to authorize some drastic efforts to support the website’s compliance with its hosting.

Quite simply, we have deleted a good part of suspected spam subscribers. This was a difficult process and may have included more than a few of our honest to goodness followers and for that you have our most humble apologies.

I’m sure those that use this site and follow us in social media and on YouTube will understand the issues involved and forgive these drastic measures.

If you were one of these member that were deleted accidentally, please simply fill out the same form again. Please note that our old website subscription members were automatically set to receive our newsletter.

I do not believe in mass emailing and will now set the newsletter list as optional. It is worked on and sent every several months loading with great info and cool free stuff, so be sure to check that box if you want.

Again I apologize to any that were inconvenienced by this important house cleaning


Shaun Bennett