Speed up your WordPress Website in minutes!

Speed up your WordPress Website in minutes!

Super easy way to boost your web traffic, increase new visitors and prolong user interaction on your site.


So here is the short version. We know slow websites are simply ignored these days. After being mobile friendly, loading speed is the most determining factor for high bounce rate and visitors staying or clicking away. Anything more than 3 seconds and you’re going to lose a big chunk of the market, people don’t want to wait and will move along to somewhere else.

I received a message from a reader named Tung Tran, complementing my 101 useful websites post and some of the tools that are there. It happens that he uses some of these tools himself in a 22-step process to speed up WordPress sites.

The guide is free and offered on their blog page and as a downloadable PDF if you don’t have the time to get cracking on it right then. After working online for the past 10 years, I have a pretty good nose for quality and can tell when someone is truly offering something of value. I will have the link to this process on my 101 useful websites and I dedicated this post to talking it up because it’s not every day you find something this helpful for free.


View The Full 22-Step Process here.




 The Results That I Got From Starting This Site Speed Optimization Process


I started working this process and using steps 2-5  I dropped my site load time from over 8.5 seconds!



I will be moving all my sites to one of the 2 recommended, it will be cheaper with more options than what I already have.


I have already begun to see an increase in my stats and look forward to seeing the final results once I finish. I will keep you all up to date on my progress and invite you to speed up your own WordPress website by checking out Cloudliving and give the 22-Step method a try for yourselves. You’ll be glad you did.

Let me finish this with a thank you to Tung Tran over at CloudLiving for his kind feedback here and for clueing me in on this method.

Thank you to my readers for your kind attention.

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