How to Create A WordPress Squeeze Page ( No Plugins)


Tonight we chat about making a capture page on wordpress without any plugins.

Sorry for the poor audio, Not quite sure what happened with the hangout on air but that’s live broadcasting for you. I will make a full tutorial On how to make a killer capture page and have it available to you very soon. I will even include the graphic’s in a downloadable file for you. Thanks for your patients.

“Best in your success”

Make Money online with Amazon and Facebook

Making Money with Amazon Short links and Facebook

Amazon and Facebook are winning combo if there ever was one. Facebook advertising is big business and Amazon sells BILLIONS in merchandise every year, So why can’t we get in on that?…well you can! Best of all it’s free!

In this video I show you a way to use your Facebook account to earn cash online. Signing up for a Amazon associates account is easy. With that and a bit of creativity, you can be posting your way to the bank. I wanted to show that working online from home does not take a degree, just the ability to think out of the box and find what’s possible. Hope this helps give some ideas. Best in success.


Making Money with your Digital Life

Sharing the best ways to boost your income online. Join and learn some of our proven methods for promotion, marketing and S.E.O.  Along with some tips on video production and Youtube tricks. Watch on my personal Simulcast page and Join our Chat Room to Have YOUR Questions answered Live On Air!

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Earning Money Online: Quick Tips on S.E.O.


Tonight we talk about the best search engine optimization techniques for bloggers and websites. How to rank up your videos on youtube and how embedding them helps your overall visibility.

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How To Shorten and Mask Links with IBO Toolbox

IBO ToolBox is a great free online resource for targeted advertising, getting traffic and much more for any online business person. Targeted advertising and link shortening are just scratching the surface of what you can do.

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FB Poster Version 2

FB Poster version 2

A quick easy way to automate your Facebook advertising. This simple easy to use software helps take the pain of posting to all you facebook groups. Whether you are in 10 or 2000, FB Groups Poster version 2 can handle it for you.  Saving you more time to concentrate on the things you want.

Click here to visit the official  FB Groups Poster V 2.0!


FB Groups Poster V2.0

Free Online Graphics Creator

Free Online Graphics Creator

Keeping your social media graphics up to date has become kinda a chore. Facebook and many other social media sites LOVE giving themselves a facelift. If you’re like me and don’t really want to crack into Photoshop to create a new cover image or background every time they decide to change the layout, I’ve got you covered.

Easy user interface and simple drag-n-drop to make your graphics quick and easy.