Free WordPress Sales Page Tutorial

Creating a sales page, landing page or “squeeze” page can be tricky. Finding the best method to draw in your client and customer base to your niche without sacrificing too much of your valuable time. Many business owners will tell you that this is a never-ending struggle, creating a balance and fine tuning your message doesn’t stop.

Now we all know that there are hundreds of WordPress plugins, themes and pages creators on the market. Some better than others, but all selling the sweet promise of instant results, increased sales and the feeling of contentment that you have that particular problem covered.

But these plugins can present a problem for the new business owners, or simply anyone that isn’t 100% computer savvy. Many of them try very to make sure they are user-friendly, but that’s not always the case. Quite frankly while researching for this article, I installed and tested several demo versions and though I am by far an expert ( I consider myself 75% Computer geek) I had to refer to the plugin instructions frequently( More had I’d like to admit ) and then began looking online for more in-depth video  tutorials.

While working with these different sales and landing page plugins, it occurred to me ” What can this do that I cannot?”  At least for a simple sales page, do I really need to spent 47$ and several hours just to get a simple sales page done? Why not do it myself?

Since I am a graphic designer, photographer and general artist, this was a simple matter of opening up Photoshop and creating an image, some buttons and wallah!

But for the rest of the world that is not so artistically inclined, here is a Video Example of the general Idea on how to create a simple sales pages for your WordPress blog, website etc. Don’t be afraid to look at different types of sales pages online for inspiration.



Some Copyright Free Images:

Something to edit them with:    Photoshop Free Trial

An Apple : In case you get hungry.


You get the idea?


Here is a finished version that I made for IPOCKET VIDEO  

ipocket video rewiew image