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Hi, friends

I’m Shaun Bennett- Photographer and internet entrepreneur by day and Ninja filmmaker by night. I love fishing, scuba diving, fine dining, and movies.

I am a former paramedic of 7 years, I was also a truck driver, a waiter, and online marketer before that. During all that time in my free moments, I loved working with my cameras and finally decided to do what I really loved.  I want to share the world ‘s beauty as I saw it.


So now I have been working and reading and researching and failing and succeeding. You can repeat that over and over, but I make fewer mistakes and have gained lots of information. That is why I started this site. To share things I learn and find as I continue to work my way up.

There are no fast answers, no get rich quick schemes, just the knowledge I share from my own experience.


I thank you for stopping in and invite you to explore. If you have something you would like to share with myself and the other people that visit, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you and “Keep the Shutter Rolling”



Shaun Bennett
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Shaun Bennett

Team Leader at Digital Life Concepts
Former Paramedic, Shaun moved from Miami to Daytona Beach seeking to continue his passion for film and video. Having worked online in web marketing , he now applies his knowledge about video production and visual graphics to his independent short film and video projects, creates freelance marketing promos and sales video.

He lives near the beach and likes fishing scuba diving and Movies
Shaun Bennett
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